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Eliminating body hair is a pastime that almost all of us indulge in now and then. So if you're reading this, you're not alone. Some of us, however, need to do a bit more than a little pluck from time to time.
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Case Studies
Case Studies: Shaving My Legs Gave Me Boils: Case Study, Why Hair Threading Works...
DIY Hair Removal
DIY Hair Removal: Eyebrow Shaping: Get the Brows You Want, Removing Ear and Nose Hairs,...
Electrolysis: Problems with Electrolysis, Cost of Electrolysis, Finding a...
Hair Removal Basics
Hair Removal Basics: Ingrown Hairs and How to Prevent Them, Should I...
Laser Hair Removal
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Other Methods
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Tips for Men
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Latest Comments
  • RemovingHair
    Re: Benefits of Electrolysis
    phill - Your Question:How much would it cost to remove the hair in between my eyebrows permanently by electrolysis? please email me…
    6 June 2016
  • phill
    Re: Benefits of Electrolysis
    how much would it cost to remove the hair in between my eyebrows permanently by electrolysis? please email me back
    4 June 2016
  • Gina Benet
    Re: Do Rotary Epilators Really Remove Hair?
    Best I have ever used is the Karmin ;)
    22 March 2016
  • Gina Benet
    Re: Epilators for Hair Removal
    Karmin makes the best in my opinion (Y)
    22 March 2016
  • antonymous
    Re: Should I Shave My Arm Hair?
    "Women who do shave may find that the hair grows back thicker, or becomes even coarser." Do you believe it does, because I don't…
    5 March 2016
  • bec
    Re: Impact of Waxing on Skin
    Hi i'm currently studying waxing and and need help with some questions for my assignment. 1. The structural levels of organization…
    8 December 2015
  • SummerG8
    Re: Epilators for Hair Removal
    Best I have ever used is the Karmin! <3
    27 May 2015
  • RemovingHair
    Re: Cost of Electrolysis
    @Princess. An internet search for the terms 'facial hair removal' or 'electrolyis' and 'London' will bring up plenty of result for salons in…
    17 February 2015
  • Princess
    Re: Cost of Electrolysis
    I live in london but have no idea where I can do it ?? Any idea??
    15 February 2015
  • RemovingHair
    Re: Impact of Electrolysis on the Skin
    @Tam. Unfortunately we do not offer any services, just information. To get prices you would need to ask at some salons…
    23 December 2014
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