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Hot Vs Cold Waxing

By: Jody Ehrhardt - Updated: 3 Jun 2014 | comments*Discuss
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Waxing is a popular hair removal method especially for individuals looking to enjoy hair free skin for longer periods of time. However while the method can be very effective especially for removing large amounts of hair in very little time, you will need to decide which technique will give you the best results: hot or cold wax.

The Difference Between Hot and Cold Wax

Both hot and cold waxes are usually formulated with the same ingredients. Both types of wax will contain a wax base (usually beeswax or paraffin), resin to help the wax stick to the hair and skin, and a lubricate such as oil or fat to make removal easier. In some cases these waxes can also include added ingredients meant to boost the experience of using the substance like fragrances, moisturizers, or colours.

The difference between these two waxing materials is the temperature at which you apply them. The hot wax method involves the melting of the wax substance prior to use. Once the wax is warm and melted it is applied to the skin and a small piece of cloth is pressed over the wax to aid in removal. As the hot wax cools it constricts around the hairs trapping them for removal. Once the wax is hard the user pulls the wax off quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

With the cold wax method the wax is already applied to the pulling strip. The wax is in a semi-solid state and remains that way throughout the process. To use cold wax you apply the strip to the area of hair that you want removed, press down hard in the direction of hair growth, and then quickly pull the strip off in the opposite direction.

Choosing Between the Hot and Cold Wax Methods

There are many advantages and disadvantages to each wax hair removal method. Hot wax usually adheres to unwanted hair better and offers more effective hair removal. Cold wax doesn't stick to hair as well, but it is less messy and doesn't leave behind as much wax as the hot method.

Cold wax is also easier to use than hot wax. The cold wax strips come in a variety of sizes making eyebrow hair removal as easy as leg hair removal. Hot wax, on the other hand, must be applied with a stick or other utensil, making small areas such as eyebrows or upper lips harder to treat.

Finally, the cold wax method is less painful upon removal (since it doesn't adhere to the skin as strongly), but sometimes needs to be applied repeatedly to get the best results. This repeated usage can result in skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and painful red bumps. Hot wax is more painful upon removal (since the hardened wax can stick to the skin as well as the hair) but it does not usually need to be repeated. However, although it does not need repeated, the wax can remove surface skin resulting in irritation, redness, and pain.

No matter which wax hair removal method you choose you should never apply wax to irritated, sunburned, or infected skin. You should also avoid the use of hot tubs, swimming pools, lotions, and perfumed (which can further irritate painful skin) for at least one day after waxing. And finally, you should never over heat hot wax since it can burn the skin.

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