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Cost of Electrolysis

By: Richa Bhatia - Updated: 3 Jun 2020 | comments*Discuss
Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost Of

The cost of electrolysis for hair removal depends on several factors, like the size of body area being treated, the density and quality of hair, the skin type and also varies between different electrolysis clinics. You should get electrolysis done only by a licensed, experienced and well- recommended electrologist and should avoid electrolysis clinics that try to allure you with extraordinarily cheap prices.

Most clinics distribute the cost of electrolysis according to 15, 30 and 60 minute sessions, each 15 minute session costing around £15 to £20 and a 30 minute session costing anywhere from £26 to £30. Initially, more frequent sessions, about once or twice a week, are required and the number of sessions gets less frequent with time.

Electrolysis, as a hair removal procedure for smaller body areas, is quite affordable and thus, an attractive option too, as you achieve freedom for a lifetime from the consistent, nagging worry of body hair growing here and there. But, for larger body parts like the chest, abdomen and back, electrolysis would take a very large number of sessions for permanent and total hair removal and so, the procedure would be costlier.

Cost of Electrolysis for Facial Hair

Hair removal from parts of the face like upper lips, eyebrows, sideburns, and chin would take 20- 30 sessions, each lasting about 15 minutes, the duration and the number of sessions depending on the individual. Thus, the total cost of complete hair removal from an area like the upper lip can be anywhere from £300- £600, depending on the above-mentioned factors.

Cost of Electrolysis for Arms and Underarms

Electrolysis for the arms and underarms can take anywhere from 15- 35 half an hour sessions, depending on the density and texture of hair, previous methods of hair removal used for that area, ability of skin to heal and several other factors. The cost would be around £350 to £1,000.

Cost of Electrolysis for Bikini Line

Electrolysis for the bikini line also requires 30 minute sessions as the hairs are thicker and more stubborn in this area. The total number of sessions can be anywhere from 20- 40. Thus, the cost of electrolysis for the bikini line will vary from £500 to £850.

Cost of Electrolysis for Larger Body Areas

Hair removal by electrolysis for larger body areas like legs, chest and back can take even a couple of years to get completed, averaging about 75 to 200 one hour sessions, and the cost of such a long duration of treatment would obviously be enormous, starting from around £4,000.

Electrolysis would, therefore, be the best option for hair removal from smaller body areas like the face, underarms, bikini line, etc., considering the cost of the treatment. However for those desperately wishing to get rid of their unwanted body hair forever, it is not a big price to pay even for larger body areas, as the cost and hassles of a lifetime of use of temporary hair removal methods, besides the negative psychological effects of excess body hair, can be avoided by opting for electrolysis.

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I have such a hairy body, there is hair every where I am so self conscious about this everyday. I want to permanently remove hair from everywhereeee except my hands and feet . How much would that cost?
Help :( - 3-Jun-20 @ 12:32 AM
My name is ali . I want to shape up my beard line including neck . I want to know how many sessions do i need ? And time gap between each session ? And how much is cost ? I know you have to check the problem area to tell me the price . I want to get any idea about price . Thanks
Ali - 10-Mar-19 @ 6:48 AM
I would recommend that you buy low cost waxing strips from your local super drug store use that in the mean time until you can save up for electrolysis later on.
Abby - 9-Feb-19 @ 11:52 PM
How do I get rid of body hair cause when I was small I shaved my stomach and chest hair for no damn reason and I waxed it 2 times and am sooo stupid what should I do to get rid of it permenant and I can’t afford electrosis for larger areas plz help me
Hair remove FOREVER - 15-Aug-18 @ 9:22 PM
@Princess. An internet search for the terms 'facial hair removal' or 'electrolyis' and 'London' will bring up plenty of result for salons in the London area.
RemovingHair - 17-Feb-15 @ 10:47 AM
I live in london but have no idea where I can do it ?? Any idea??
Princess - 15-Feb-15 @ 2:11 AM
I have a mole on my face, about 1cm in diameter. I have always cut the hair and it is getting thicker and more of it, how much would it cost to have it removed?
missay - 19-Jan-14 @ 12:07 PM
Would like to know more about electrolysis
shazza - 4-Dec-12 @ 9:44 PM
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