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What Shaving Products Are Beneficial?

By: Jody Ehrhardt - Updated: 4 Jul 2013 | comments*Discuss
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Whether you are a man or a woman you most likely face the task of shaving everyday. And, while most individuals view the task as a chore to be rushed through the closest, longest lasting shave can only be achieved with the right products a little extra time.

Beneficial Products That Prep Your Hair for Shaving

While there are numerous products on the market that promise the best shave only a few are actually truly beneficial to the actual shaving process. The first key to a close shave, whether you are shaving your face, legs, scalp, underarms, or any other body part, is softening the hair.

Pre-shave scrubs or cleansers are vital for getting the best shave. These products help soften the hair shaft so that it is easier to cut and also open the hair shaft so that it absorbs water during the rinse, which plumps the hair and helps hold it up for a better shave.

For the most benefit look for shaving scrubs or cleansers that contain ingredients to hydrate, moisturise, and exfoliate the skin. The hydration and moisturisers will help sooth the skin and plump the hair strands, while the exfoliation will help remove dead skins cells that can trap hair and make even shaving more difficult.

Be sure to rinse your skin thoroughly with warm water for at least 3 to 5 minutes after to cleansing to further hydrate and plump the hair.

Choosing the Most Beneficial Shaving Cream or Soap

Once the area to be shaved is prepped you will need to choose a beneficial shave cream or soap to perform the task. Shaving cream is best for shaving with a disposable or regular razor. Shaving soap is intended for use when "wet shaving".

Shaving cream is used to hold the hairs up so that the razor can more easily cut through the strands. Good shaving creams also offer moisturisers that protect the skin and lubrication to reduce friction so the razor will glide more smoothly over the skin.

When choosing a shaving cream look for one that contains aloe vera or glycerin- products that offer the best in lubrication and moisturising. Avoid choosing a shaving cream that contains sodium laurel sulphate or menthol because the ingredients can dry the skin and cause skin irritation.

If you prefer to wet shave, a process that uses a straight razor like the shaving technique offered by barbers, you would need a high quality shaving brush made of badger hair and good shave soap. The brush is used to apply the soap, lift the hairs, and release water so keep the hairs plumped and the skin slick for shaving.

When choosing a shave soap you will need one that clings to the skin in the presence of water and offers added lubrication. Beneficial ones to try contain glycerin and a moisturiser.

Are Shaving Lotions or After Shave Products Beneficial?

After shaving skin care is almost as important to the shaving process as the products for shaving themselves. Shaving irritates the skin through friction and exfoliation so you will need an after-shave product or lotion that soothes the skin and seals in moisture.

The most beneficial after-shave lotions will contain an antiseptic ingredient to sooth irritation and treat razor nicks (small cuts) on the skin. It will also contain a moisturiser to hydrate the skin and sooth any discomfort from shaving. Finally, a good after-shave will also contain an SPF (sun protection factor) to help protect the skin form sun damage as you go about your day.

By choosing the most beneficial products and taking a little extra time you can guarantee a close, long lasting shave every time!

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